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23 things you should know about Alan Miles

Why 23?


I own 23 pairs of sneakers


I’m an experience designer

I have also been called an interaction designer, a UI designer, a product designer, a product manager and a consultant. I’m happy with plain old ‘designer’.


When I was 16, I designed a skatepark

I didn’t realise it at the time but this was probably my first taste of user experience design—understanding user journeys, designing an engaging flow, liaising with various stakeholders and navigating complex bureaucracy. A dream project.


I have 15 years of design experience

User experience and user interface design

From structuring journeys to crafting products and connecting companies with customers.

Product management and strategy

From setting a vision to operating a roadmap and measuring the impact each step of the way.

Research, analytics and optimisation

From understanding the landscape to identifying opportunities and continually improving.


I have worked both product and service side

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more details


I’m all about creating experiences that delight customers and deliver business value.

My key strength is distilling complex problems into simple, meaningful solutions

I can help you...


Understand your customers


Uncover opportunities


Validate hypotheses


Grow design capabilities


Build customer centric teams


Deliver business value


My favourite designer is Dieter Rams

Dieter’s iconic designs for Braun and Vitsœ left a lasting impression on the 20th century and beyond. Many feel that his thoughtful approach to traditional product design influences recent successful digital product design like Apple’s iPhone.

But what left a lasting impression on me are his thoughts on design. In particular, his ten principles for good design. His principles got me thinking about what good design means to me.

I believe good design...


Makes a measurable difference

Like this user research that uncovered opportunities to improve monthly revenue by $4million. The recommendations formed the basis of The Iconic Web team’s 2015 roadmap which in H1 achieved a 19.3% improvement to the conversion rate year on year—20.6% above target.

Client: The Iconic
Company: The Iconic
Role: Head of Experience Design & Website Product Owner


Simplifies the complex

Like this checkout. Research and analytics showed customer pain points entering delivery and payment details across this confusing, lengthy form. The improved version has half as many steps and more intuitive data entry whilst still meeting strict business and 3rd party requirements. A simpler experience means less opportunity for fallout for customers leading to more purchases for the business.

Client: The Iconic
Company: The Iconic
Role: Head of Experience Design & Website Product Owner


Is customer centric

Like how this complete redesign of an investment bank's global website made it possible for customers to compare services, access expertise and translate their financial needs into options to consider.

Client: Macquarie
Company: DT
Role: User Experience Lead


Challenges assumptions

Like how this quick navigation improvement tested the belief that customers needed quick quotes. In fact, research and analytics uncovered that if the customer journey was slowed down and exposed to more persuasive content, purchases increased 17%.

Client: APIA
Company: Bienalto
Role: Manager—Design & Optimisation


Tells a story and engages

Like how this video explained complex organisational change using one simple word.

Client: Primed
Company: de Luxe & Associates
Role: Senior Designer

My favourite things are...









But enough about me.


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